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The Body Deli was created in the resort town of Palm Desert, California in 2002 by “Cosmetic Chefs” David Parker and Margaret Skarin. David, a Northern California native, moved to the Coachella Valley after selling a successful day spa business.  Margaret Skarin, who was a beauty foodie, had built local notoriety behind her homemade beauty line for the body, Blue Lotus Organics.  They met through a mutual friend and the beginning of a brand was born.

Their bond was immediate, as they shared a common interest in bio-active skincare and natural ingredients. Utilizing David’s strength in developing face products and Margaret’s expertise in developing products specifically for the body, together they began concocting potions using fresh ingredients and local produce available from area farms.Due to the high demand of their products within the local community, they opened a retail location in Palm Desert. At the front of the store, they installed refrigerated bins to prevent certain market-fresh products from expiring. In addition, they added unique deli-style cases to showcase the variety of product offerings. The product line and signature shop were fittingly named “The Body Deli.”  The Body Deli’s unique “deli-style” store concept now includes more than 175 delectable beauty products.

In addition to the retail store in Palm Desert, The Body Deli products are available on the company’s website,, offering The Body Deli experience worldwide. The popularity of the products has cultivated a loyal customer base, including celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.