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When it comes to trends in interior design, the forecast through 2014 is looking bolder, brighter and more adventurously colorful than has been seen in a while. Up-and-coming palettes are earning descriptions including “youthful,” “vibrant” and “positive,” heralding the rebounding market’s ready return to color.  Color expert and interior designer Barbara Schirmeister equates new, energized color palettes to growing economic confidence, as well as the influence of the youth market.
She explains that today’s trends are in contrast to those of the recent past that were more cautious, offered less variety and had longer “shelf lives” – staying popular over time as homeowners were hesitant to change.
“It’s as if the market is molting, shedding its cautious colors to display new palettes that are all about getting noticed,” she says.
Saturated, bright and nonconventional, colors of  the now are more assured with wider options. The hues reflect influences from both nature and technology, mirroring the quest for balance a busy society strives to achieve.

WARM COLORS – RED EXTENSIONS  The warm side of the color wheel features red, yellow and orange – colors often associated with excitement, confidence and emotion. The red family is extending in all venues: yellowed, blued, pale and saturated, peach, peony, azalea, and crimson, even into bordeauxs, red violets and oranges. For the coming year, yellows will be uplifting – buttercup, citrus, butterscotch and gold.

COOL HUES – CLEAN AND CLEAR  On the cool side of the color wheel, which includes  green, blue and purple, clean and clear will be the  dominant trend. Expect to see jade greens paired  with turquoise blues. The greens will be expanding,  a trend that hasn’t been seen for quite some time.  Military, emerald, parrot and even a green almond  are glimpses of the trend. In addition, blues are  gaining importance. Navy is often taking the  place of black, and indigo will continue to be a  fashionable, foundational color. Shades of  nature-inspired purple are appearing as accessible,  support tones.

NEUTRALS – WHITES, BROWNS  AND SHADES OF GRAY  Neutral colors remain versatile and simple, yet also  nod toward color confidence. The gray family, very  popular in recent years, continues to have influence,  while white neutrals are escalating. Also coming  back are the-browns. From camel and bisque to  burnt sienna and taupe, these base colors will add  complement and contrast to bold color schemes,  while nodding to natural influences.
Want to see these color collections in action?  Schirmeister suggests looking to online  communities like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,  Instagram and Houzz for inspiration and ideas.
“Social media is driving today’s trends. Color  lovers constantly post about their passions,” she  says. “And those exciting, youthful colors we  can’t resist sharing in our news feeds are already  showing up in interior decor.”

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