PAVERS, PATIOS AND OUTDOOR STYLE What are the latest trends for SoCal yards?

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As homeowners, we will go the extra mile to make sure the inside looks great, but at the same time, we often forget about the outside. Perhaps it’s because we’re not quite sure what to do.

Well, beautiful backyards don’t happen by accident. They’re the result of planning and proper preparation. Boring, perhaps, and maybe frustrating for the homeowner who can’t wait to see the fruits of his labor instantly. True, backyards can take years to establish themselves but it’s never too late to start. When we think of our backyards, we envision patios and decks—extensions of our homes, and outdoor living spaces. With that in mind, keep materials and the design of your patio in sync with the rest of the home. To make a patio more interesting and to separate deck areas, consider giving it levels, and don’t feel obliged to build a square or rectangular patio or deck – curves and smooth lines can soften the space and actually provide a more usable patio area. Experts say there is one sure fire way to really improve the patio and walkway areas; it’s called using pavers.

Pavers are concrete (water, sand and rock) material cut into primarily rectangular, square and curved shapes to make circles. Pavers can spruce up a plain concrete entryway into one that beckons stone slab roads, plazas and courtyards of the Old World.
Approximately 75 percent of concrete pavers sold in North America are installed around residences. Homeowners use concrete pavers for driveways, entrances, patios, paths and pool decks. Versatile design options make it easy to complement the architectural style of homes in California.
But before you hit the home improvement store, you might want to consider hiring a professional to do the job. It is possible for the well trained do-it-yourselfer, but to do the job right, it takes skill and patience.

Nacole Sweet, Lowe’s merchandising manager for lawn and garden added that comfort meets function is key in backyard planning. “Customers are beginning to think bigger in terms of their backyard and are extending their home’s living spaces into outdoor spaces, making them an extension of their home. This not only makes the backyard more visually pleasing but it also adds value to their home,” Sweet said.

Year-round entertainment: Customers not only want to create an extension of their home into their backyard, but they are also looking for ways to extend the entertaining season with fire places and firepits.
Enhance Curb Appeal: Customers are looking for options to enhance curb appeal, and pavers allow the customer a number of possibilities to improve their curb appeal with a new driveway or walkway, leaving a memorable impression.
Add color to the landscape: This is especially important in the areas that are drought stricken and left with limited options for their yards. The technology in concrete continues to advance, and manufactures, such as Oldcastle, are able to offer multiple colors for paver or patio stone that really captures the beauty of colors found in the nature. By adding pavers/patio stones to your patio, customers are able to create patterns with the pavers that have multiple colors throughout, creating a beautiful palette of color. There is still an interest in the overlay paver, which is a thin paver that is glued directly to a concrete slab.
Go Green: Using permeable pavers on a patio, walkway or driveway is a great option when it comes to durability and sustainability. These increasingly popular concrete pavers are spaced to allow rainwater to absorb into the ground, which reduces runoff, filters impurities and improves drainage.

It’s time to embrace spring with your newly renovated yard.