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Renova Solar was established in 2006 in Palm Desert, CA with the goal of building solar into homes and buildings for a long-term, efficient, clean, stable and sustainable, renewable energy supply solution.   Renova Solar is the largest local, full-service solar power plant builder for homes, businesses and non-profits providing engineering, design, financing, installation and ongoing solar system services.  Through understanding a structure’s use of power first, Renova Solar can engineer upgrades to ensure the most efficient, most cost effective use of that energy, Renova Solar then follows up by customizing a solar system for that exact demand.  Renova Solar’s business thrives because of constant referrals from clients who continue to work with Renova through RenovaPLUS – our ongoing monitoring and maintenance service.  

In short, Renova Solar locally manages the solar system installation process for their Customers, from financing, permitting and local installation to ongoing monitoring and repairs, if ever necessary, through RenovaPLUS.  By providing a superior level of service and useful information related to energy conservation first, Renova Solar help our customers achieve greater energy use, efficiency and comfort in their lives…all at a much lower cost than our competitors.