rok-n-fondue Bar and Restaurant

About Us


Dinner is about community. We believe everything we do should be centered around a communal, interactive experience that encourages good conversation and time well spent with loved ones and dear friends.

This isn’t your traditional restaurant; we don’t “turn and burn” tables. We believe a good meal should include great food, shared ideas, conversation, and maybe a glass of wine or moonshine. Our dining experience has been engineered to encourage conversation and interaction. Feel free to stay as long as you’d like.

Our volcanic rocks are kept in specialized ovens for hours, resulting in exceptionally hot rocks. These high levels of heat denaturize the proteins of meat, which combine with the natural sugars in a process called the Maillard reaction. This (along with marinades, fat content, and brining) is what gives meat its unique flavors, and makes it safe to eat. All jargon aside, your entrée is cooked tableside to your content. And you get an exceptionally fresh, good-tasting entrée sans the lukewarm temperatures or heat lamps. No butter. No oil.

Fondue (the past-participle for the French verb, “to melt”) originated in Switzerland as early as 1699, and has remained a popular communal style of eating throughout Europe. We offer indulgent cheeses made fresh at the table and served with traditional dippers; distinct blends of herbs, spices, wines, or oils which form a brilliant broth that’s excellent for cooking seafood, poultry, and vegetables; and sweet combinations of melted, rich, Belgium chocolates.