Suzanne Somers Brings Clark's Nutrition Into The Light

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It started a few years ago. Suzanne was using a “stinky” orange self-tanner from a drug store, and it hit her that after going to great lengths to eat organic foods from her garden as well as surround herself with healthy cleaning products, when it came to her make-up and skin care choices, she was filling the millions of skin cells on her face with toxins. Suzanne began taking her skin health into her own hands and created Suzanne Organics. Her new skin care and cosmetics line is simply amazing! A recent test group gave glowing revues of both her skin care and cosmetics. These products, which are plant-based, are not just free from toxins, they are food for your skin. The body butters and lotions smell heavenly, and will remind your nose of the natural fragrances you’ve been missing.

So out of all the retailers nationwide, and with significant star power to introduce her line anywhere, why did Suzanne choose Clark’s to be her exclusive retail partner? Well, for starters, Clark’s Nutrition has been serving Southern California since 1972. The Clark family business slogan is, “Live Better…we can help.” An over the last four decades that is what they have done. Although Clark’s is a small chain of stores, Suzanne says of her choice, “I’ve been a Clark’s customer for years. The partnership with Clark’s Nutrition is a perfect fit. Our messages are the same. I met with Ray Clark, the CEO, a true visionary, and felt his devotion and passion for healthy living. It was a slam-dunk! That’s why I’ve partnered with the wonderful people at Clark’s to bring you my certified organic and toxic-free skin care and cosmetics collection. There is no lead in the lipstick, no Petroleum based fillers, and no emulsifiers.

“My products are actually good for you, and that’s a concept that’s never existed before in skin-care and make-up.”

Clark’s is introducing Suzanne Organics to the public October 15th.