The Cutting Edge Salon and Body Emporium

About Us

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The Cutting Edge Salon and Body Emporium performs a variety of services from skin care to body procedures. Our salon provides a relaxing experience while delivering desired results in a professional environment. The staff is effective in making guests feel comfortable and customizing services to the needs of each individual. Our qualified team takes pride in making each client feel their best. Come in and see what our professionals can do for you.

Our Esthetician, Cristy Hrdlicka is a strong believer in the Osmosis + Pur Medical Skin Care line, one of the most scientifically advanced skin care lines available. Cristy provides an abundance of knowledge in every facial along with waxing and make up application services. She educates each client on the procedures performed to maintain and achieve the best results at home. She treats the skin with a holistic approach while addressing the source causing a skin condition. To get started with Osmosis source based skin solutions, see Cristy at The Cutting Edge.

Massage is another service that we provide at The Cutting Edge and Body Emporium. Rose Zucchero, our Massage Therapist and Body Sculptor, does a wonderful job at targeting areas of tension and easing muscle pain. Massage is not just a good form of relaxation but has been found to have many benefits. For example, studies have shown that massage helps to improve sleep, blood circulation, and boost immunity.

ROSE also specializes in ultrasound
fat and cellulite reduction, often referred to as a body sculpting treatment. Ultrasound levitation is a painless procedure that reduces stubborn areas of fat that cannot
be removed with exercise and diet alone. Body sculpting is a non-surgical, non-invasive, pain free procedure and requires no time to heal. Rose provides all needed information to get started in the consultation. Get all your skin and body services done at The Cutting Edge and Body Emporium.

About Us

A healthy and happy lifestyle starts with healthy and happy hair. The right look and feel can give you the lightened and happy attitude that you love to share and long to live. So live longer stronger and stop in for a free consultation. A professional technician will give you the right input and will take stock in the best solution for your needs. We have this attitude because we love our clientele and they love us so every decision is made with your best interest at heart.

The Cutting Edge salon Hair stylists offer a wide range of styling talent from the latest trends to classic styling. We provide you with exceptional color techniques as well as hair extension experience. The Staff is more than happy to share their knowledge to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. Our staff is trained to provide customized scalp treatments to ensure health and vitality for your scalp and hair.